Monday, June 14, 2010

Two mile repeats.

I ran them today: 2 mile efforts with 3 minutes rest. I can't believe I'm fit enough to do that. I know that sounds silly, but really: I've been telling myself how fat and out of shape I am for so long that a halfway decent time in either a mile or two surprises me. I wonder if this is a character flaw, or a good thing, the attribute that will keep me humble. I can't say I know either way. All I know is that it's good to day "I ran 2 mile repeats today and then the bike for two hours at a 17.7 mph pace." Yessir, that sounds and feels wonderful.

And I think that's what athletics might really be about: personal achievement. It's about pushing through the hard times and about laughing when you screw up; about celebrating victories (even the very small ones) and about marveling in the journey.

I'm so happy summer is here. The natural landscape-- of trees and sky and the acute smell of pine-- makes me grateful for each step I take.

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