Sunday, February 6, 2011

40:20 becomes 37:08

I remember once not long ago a shoe salesman said I'd probably never break 40 minutes in the 10k distance. This was back when I lived in Reno and his shop was the only specialty running shop in town. And so, every 300-500 miles or so, when I'd go in for a new pair, I'd hear the same old thing: what have you been running? You probably won't ever do a sub-40 10k.

But today despite strong winds, I did. After three honest years of training and trying, I broke forty minutes in the 10k distance. I ran a 37:08. My fastest pace to date for any race distance. And though there are so many faster runners out there, I am proud of this accomplishment: proud because this is the beginning of a training cycle, proud because I stuck with it despite being told I never would (there seems to be no short supply of people willing to tell you what you can't do) and lastly, proud because for me, that's my fastest ever. 

I wish I had something wise to say, something that will stick around for a while and make you nod and think, yes that miles and pages girl, she is not only fast, but profoundly intelligent when it comes to all things running. In truth, however, all I got right now is hot damn!

So, run on, my friends.
Run. On.


Place Overall: 4
Place of Female runners: 2
Place Age Division: 1

Davis Stampede 10k Results

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