Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Achilles Tendonitis

What I stare at these days.
I apologize for so many days that have passed without a posting. I could cite school and my recent hiring as a freelance contributor for a local newsweekly as reasons which kept me from blogging. But in truth, I've been hesitant to post anything because I'm still not running; my Achilles is taking its sweet time to heal (as Achilles tendons the world over do, according to what I've read.) I've been pool running regardless of rain or sun, hot or cold temperatures. I have also been spinning/cycling to mix things up a bit. But if you want to know the truth, it's dreary business, sitting out, not doing the thing you love. No matter what spin I try to put on it: it's week three of not running and it simply sucks.

I wish I had some wisdom to share, some shard of heroism to make what I'm gong through a worthwhile read for those of you still following. But I can't; or, I could try but my offering, like my current weekly  mileage, would be insubstantial.

What comes to mind is something a coach said to me long ago when I was helping him as a volunteer assistant. He said: there are times in training as there are in life that you have to find beauty and wonder in something; it is essential. There might be days there is nothing lovely but a cloud you see, but see that beauty; don't become blind to it, no matter how remote or far away it is.

And so, I do and will keep on. The wonderful thing about the human body is its capacity to repair itself, with time. I am doing what the medical professionals have told me to do (eccentric heel raises are essential to heal this very un-vascular, stubborn May pole of a tendon); and I haven't stopped cross training. More importantly, I haven't stopped believing in myself, that I am going to one day make it to the Olympic Trials in the marathon event.

For now, however, I'm cloud-watching from the pool with my floaty belt on, jogging my aqua miles.

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