Friday, August 5, 2011


What have you wanted to do, but you think "you can't?" 

Today I ran 7 x 1,000 repeats. My coach told me: run them in 3:35-3:40 minutes. My first reaction? I can't!

But then, my alarm sounded at 5am. I peeled myself out of bed. Made coffee in the dark. Drove to the track with my favorite song on repeat. 

An easy warm up in the dark and fog. I put on my track shoes, and beep (from my watch) I was off....

And you know-- I did it--!

I ran faster than my coach said I would. And not just once. 7 times, over and over again.

So much of this sport-- and of life-- is hard work. But then another part is showing up, doing your best, and believing in yourself. I always tell myself I can't. Maybe it's time I start telling myself "I can."

A challenge: what if from now on, we all just show up and believe? I wonder how much more I'd accomplish with that outlook....

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