Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wish me LUCK! 513 is a lucky number...

Well, tomorrow I will race for the first time since my accident. I feel strong and confident-- and maybe a little bit nervous (I always am before races.) The morning will start early (3:30 am or so)-- but wish me luck!

But more than that I really wanted to write about how grateful I am for all the people who are helping me become a real athlete. I wouldn't even be racing if it wasn't for Rich Staley and the entire crew at Great Basin Bicycles-- those guys (and gals!!) have not only been my inspiration, but have become my friends.  Everything from the CompuTrainer classes to the rides up Geiger-- I really owe them all a limb or an organ or something important like that to these men and women who make me ride hard and who make me remember to breathe... and to smile. :-) 

And then there's Matt Pendola and the Pendola Project folk. I only started working with the Pendola group in the middle of the summer, but I feel as though I've fallen into a group of the best kind of people you can hope to meet. That you can aspire to be like, actually.

And then there's my family: my mom who follows this crazy journey of mine and who tells me I am a joy in her life. My dad and stepmom who sponsor me to do these races; who watched me in Boise and cheered me on. And that meant so so so much. 

There are my colleagues at the office (you know who you are) who remind me every day about grace, humility and, especially, humor. :-) 

I write all of this not because it takes so much more than workouts to produce a great athlete. It takes much more; it takes a lot of heart (and not from one source) and I'm, simply, amazed, that so many remarkable people are a part of my daily life.

Thank you. 

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