Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Run for Peace 10k images.

As I crossed the line and someone said: "You know, you didn't really run a 10k."

Me and the other poor fool who didn't really run a 10k, but who nonetheless finished ahead of everyone else who really didn't run a 10k, either.

Receiving my award which was a 2-night stay in a waterfront hotel in Berkeley.

Polite smiles.

Followed by the following exchange: 
Man: So I hope you have someone to use those rooms with you?
Me: Why, are you interested? 

Man: totally embarrassed. Me? What? No... I mean....
Me: Ha, ha. ha. 

[Internal dialogue: Man this rocks. This totally rocks.]

Yeah, it still rocks. Go me. 

Olympic Trials, come what may. I'm running no matter what.

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elaine said...

"Are you interested?" -- Hahahahahhahaha hahahha haha. XD Awesome. Congrats Rebecca!