Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weeks 12 and 13: training log and notes.

What a crazy two weeks! Picture me: living peacefully in this existence in Tahoe City (described by Steve as a "one horse town"-- well, it's certainly a "one street town"), running and working when I receive a call from this MFA program I'd applied to and sort of forgotten about, saying, "you're accepted." My life , which I'd told myself was exactly wanted, was suddenly NOT. Or not exactly, but everything about me was thrown into question. Am I writer or am I a runner? The answer (as evidenced by the previous post) is that I'm both.

Needless to say, throughout this experience (exchanged emails and even a drive to see the campus and meet with the program director), I continued to train. Running was the "rock" in my life. Well, running and Steve.

I failed to post my training, and for that I apologize to those of you who do read this blog. I hope I won't ever again let two weeks go by without posting.

Perhaps in tune with the tone of recent events, I've also begun a new "phase" of training. In lieu of three key workouts each week, instead, I'll have five key workouts in a 14-day cycle. I'm excited about this change. I'll have more variety in my routine (long runs, timed runs, hill sprints, short tempo runs with track sessions and long tempo runs) , but also more ways to make my body morph from "civilian" fitness to super-marathon-woman fitness. :) Still (even with the weeks behind me), I remind myself to believe and to keep moving forward.

I've heard there are tides in life like the sea. I've chosen to tell myself that my injury last year was a "low tide"-- and perhaps, a necessary one. But high tide's nigh and believe me when I say I'm ready. And happy. Yes: happy. Finally.

Week 12 training and notes:

Monday, 3/8: 7 miles in the AM in 50' on the treadmill in TC. 3 miles in the PM, also on the treadmill. These might have been the most difficult miles of my life. I don't know if it was mental or physical fatigue-- or both. I can't wait until the snow is completely gone.

Tuesday, 3/9: 8 miles in the AM in 1:03. Much better than yesterday, but I wanted to run outside today so badly. I actually put on my winter gear and took a few test-steps. Alas, it snowed last night AGAIN.

Wednesday, 3/10: 16 miles in the AM and 4 miles in the PM. Longish run completed in Reno. PM run on the treadmill in TC. Also, weights: calf-raises, chest press, pull ups, shoulder press and curl-ups.

Thursday, 3/11: 6 easy miles in the AM. "Easy" but again, it felt challenging. I did core exercises afterward. My mind wanted more, but my body said F*** NO.

Friday, 3/12: 14.75 miles in Reno. Hill sprints. 10 x 20" and then 2 x 60" followed by easy miles. However, St. Mary's College called and I could hardly concentrate on anything, let alone running. I'm sure my pace sucked-- I didn't bother looking. All I could think was I GOT IN I GOT IN I GOT IN!

Saturday, 3/13: Rest day. Whether due to the stress of acceptance or of training, Steve needed a spatula to get me out of bed. And so, no running for me.

Sunday, 3/14: 12 miles total, with 8 miles as a tempo. I went to visit my mom in Washoe Valley and so ran the Franktown loop--which is both beautiful and hilly. I'm impressed that I averaged a 6:55 pace despite the hills. Progress!

Weekly total: 70.75 miles.


Week 13 training and notes:

Monday, 3/15: Long run: 21.5 miles on the ditch trail in Reno. Wow!! I ran pretty slow (8:19 average) but it felt sooo good to be outside and in the sun again. No pain, and no fatigue. It was happiness, in motion.

Tuesday, 3/16: 7.6 miles on the treadmill in TC. Then, core.

Wednesday, 3/17: 7 miles done quickly on the treadmill in TC before a trip down to Moraga to see the campus and meet with Marilyn.

Thursday, 3/18: 10.78 miles in Reno. Hill sprints: 10 x 20", 2 x 60". I felt great, yet troubled about my discussion with St. Mary's in regard to their lack of funding for me.

Friday, 3/19: 11 miles from the gym parking lot in Tahoe City. I ran down West shore until Tahoe Pines. Only one driver tried to kill me-- and I'm impressed. I thought it would be worse. I don't feel so scared about running outside up here anymore. I thought all drivers would try to run me over in the far shoulder.

Saturday, 3/20: 7 miles in Reno. 6 mile tempo ( @ 6:48 pace) before meeting with Chris about this MFA business.

Sunday, 3/21: 8 miles run outside along the North Shore (from the house to Garwoods.) What a beautiful run!

Weekly total: 72.88 miles

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