Sunday, December 5, 2010

Carpe diem, what I did today.

Me at mile 10 or so of the race. 

Here I am; post marathon. Alive. Well. Happy. 

Did I qualify? 

Friends: I was close, so so close. I arrived at the start line with a sharp pain in my foot and thinking: "Oh God. Just let me finish. Just let me finish." And then I began running. And the runners pushed me forward. I kept checking my Garmin that first mile: too fast. Too slow. I was disjointed and jostled; pushed and pulled. My first mile was a 6:40.  And that's the moment when I really thought: this is going to be a long, long day. 

But something in my body settled and I was off. I pushed away all that negativity and was simply running. I want write more, but I'm so high from the 26 miles of endorphins all I write now will probably be syrupy-sweet. I can tell you this was the first race which made me cry at the end. I crossed the line and the tears came. The medics came and asked if I was OK. 

I choked: "Yes. Yes. I'm happy."

Here are my stats: 

Time: 2:47 (6:25 average pace) 
Place in age: 7
Place in sex: 20
Place Overall: 131/12,000

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