Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Week 8 training and notes.

A full moon over the Lake. I caught this just as I was leaving the gym from one of my PM workouts. These are the moments I don't mind all the snow and ice.

This week's focus: to use what I learned about my fitness level at the Davis race as a point of departure. Specifically, use it to not get so down on myself about my crappy tempo pace in practice (grrr....). I must remember it will improve with practice, discipline and time spent training.

I also want to start making my longer runs longer. Though there's no reason for me at this point in time to attempt a 24-miler (such a thing would leave me broken, most likely) the usual 16.8 out-and-back route in Reno is getting, well, boring. And so, I made a hasty choice and purchased my first Garmin GPS device. I got the 205-- the simplest model I could (sans heart rate monitor because I figure, if I'm running, my heart is still beating and all's good in Rebecca-land.) What a difference! No more mid-long run anxiety about "am I far enough?" or "did I go too far?" One glance and I knew exactly where I was. I also knew my pace, which was an added perk. Plus, once at home, I could look at all the nifty charts and graphs to see what I ran, exactly. What I can't figure out is how to post that information here, so for the time being trust me: this is cool stuff. I resisted the Garmin for a long while and I'm sorry I did. I enjoy knowing where I am, both literally and metaphorically, when I'm on the road.

The earlier part of this week, I was also recovering from the race in Davis. I felt especially tired on Monday, the day after my 10k effort. So, without further ado, there is week 8, in all it's documented glory:

Monday, 2/8: 7.5 miles AM, 1.25 miles PM plus weights-- all on the treadmill in Tahoe City. I felt tired and SORE. I wanted to stop every step of that morning run, but forced myself to keep going. I tried a 2% grade but my legs said "f*** that" so I lowered it back down to 1.5%. But I refuse to go any lower than that. Period.

Tuesday, 2/9: 9 miles in the AM. 4 miles in the PM--treadmill on 1.5% grade and speeds between 7.6-7.9 getting progressively faster. Plus calf raises which helped my sore ankles/calf muscles tremendously. I felt so much better today, but I'm still a touch tired.

Wednesday, 2/10: 7 miles on the treadmill in the AM 7.6 with 1.5% grade. I felt AWFUL. Again, I had to force myself to stay on there (should treadmills have restraints to keep runners from jumping off them, I wonder?) Also did weights/abs. I love doing pull-ups, push ups and curl ups. I feel so strong even though my running is really horrible this week.

Thursday, 2/11: Finally a run outside: 18 miles in Reno in 2:23:06 (with an average pace of 7:57 x mile.) I felt oddly good-- like the run was effortless compared to the 7 miles I put in the day before. I didn't break any records, I know, but felt fantastic. I also loved the sun was out and let the beauty of the natural world carry me through the workout.

Friday, 2/12: 8.95 miles in Reno, which includes hill sprints. 8 x 20' hills with recovery being the return to the bottom of the hill followed by 2 x 35' on the flats. What a windy day!

Saturday, 2/13: 8 miles in the AM; 4 miles in the PM with weights and abs. All indoor. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

Sunday, 2/14: Rest day-- I didn't want to go over my prescribed mileage especially since many of my runs felt so horrible.

Weekly total: 67.7 miles

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elaine said...

I loooove my Garmin :) One of the best fitness gadgets I ever got!